Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Blogging As Career Option in India

Five years back when I started blogging, it was not a well-known profession, and blogging was at it’s the prime stage in the country. In these five years, I never regretted my decision even once, but a lot has changed around blogging, and it is growing as a major online business in India and countries around the globe.

Unlike old days, blogging has not only become a lucrative industry in terms of money but also have become very competitive. In last five years, number of hobby bloggers are rising exponentially In India due to internet penetration. At the same time, all big companies understand the importance of bloggers as the brand influencer, and they have a dedicated team for blogger outreach. Many popular companies like Samsung, Nokia, Truecaller is endorsing bloggers to reach out to a new audience base with the help of an existing blog reach.

Many hobby bloggers are becoming internet celebrity from the comfort of home with their blogging skills and have huge following in the form of blog traffic and social media reach.  Blogging require few skills like domain knowledge, good writing skills to name a few, but above all it requires dedication and passion when you plan to opt blogging as a full-time profession. For all those who are into blogging or considering to take their blog as serious business, below video discussion is for you; as it will answer many of your questions related to blogging.

In this 12 minute video, Arun from Trak.in and Ashish Sinha from Nextbigwhat are sharing their views on Blogging as a career in India. Both of them are well-known professional bloggers, and I have already mentioned them earlier in Indian Professional bloggers infographic.

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Career as a professional blogger in India

Key takeaways from the video:
  • Blogging industry in India has matured than what it was in 2007-08.
  • Internet penetration is one major reason for growth of blogging in India.
  • A Blog that is created for the money and doesn’t add value are more like the pocket money blog. It’s hard to create a career in blogging with such blogs.  Check out: Blogging for passion for understanding more about this takeaway.
  • Blogging Tip: For budding bloggers, your blog should be more focused on your audience rather than SEO and other stuff.
  • The major issue with blogging in India is, the majority of bloggers are rehashing other content rather than creating something original.
  • Patience is one major requisite for bloggers. You can’t always expect your blog to make decent money in within three months. Check out: Patience – A virtue to blog – ShoutMeLoud
  • Bloggers should focus on latest technology. Ex: mobile apps, Responsive sites.
  • Do set up the proper office at home for dedication and discipline.  If not, rent an office. (This tip is for existing bloggers who are facing lack of passion when working from home). Do check out: Blogger’s home office for Inspiration and learn how to setup office at home.
Also, check out these two videos;  where you can learn and know more about our two guests.:

read more at http://goo.gl/lGqsAN

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